About Us

We are a family run business and pumpkin enthusiasts based in San Martin, California. Our interest in pumpkins and all things farming means that we understand them at a very high level, thanks in part to the amount of work we’ve put in over the years.

Our goal is to be an attractive holiday destination where families are best served. We always ensure that kids find their holiday experience, while simultaneously transmitting the welcoming feeling that only a caring business can offer.

Our Pumpkin Farm


After over ten years of trying, we’ve finally perfected the best-suited space to make people happy who desire sight-seeing or wish to celebrate something special with their families in San Martin.

Our pumpkin farm started as a way to celebrate the harvest. But today, it has evolved into something much bigger – a place where people can find the best sights and attractions.

We went from celebrating the harvest season to incorporating great food, rides, events, shows, bar, café, and growing animals – all in a bid to enable families to enjoy the fall festival.

Through these efforts and more, we’ve managed to create a farm where families come to get their pumpkins and have fun and enjoy the thrills of shows, events, and attractions.