To some, the trip to the pumpkin patch is all about finding the perfect gourd. To us, it means so much more. The time you and your family spend at Morganhill Pumpkins is synonymous with adventure, fun, and entertainment.

We save neither cost nor effort to deliver the very best entertainment experience every time, for everyone, and we can’t think of a better way to close out what has been a hectic year than to offer a rich, compelling experience in anyone’s language.

With us, visitors will find even more appealing and exciting entertainment on offer, such as:

Pumpkin canon: Shoot your own canon or watch as we launch pumpkins hundreds of yards into the field.

Live Music: Every weekend, our farm activities are followed by live music, allowing you to unwind and enjoy the end of the busy week.

The playground: Whether they like to tumble in huge hay piles or prefer to jump, our playground has everything your kids need to have fun, get entertained, and make friends.